Start a project

To add your project to the dclub platform you must be registered as a community , the registration process begins by writing to our email we will reply with a community form that you must complete and the current terms and conditions.

Approval as a collaborating community provides you with a username and password to access the community area.

Select “ my projects ”.

Read the guides provided, they are simple documents that broaden the vision to achieve success in your project.

Go to “ Add New Project

Complete the form, mark the checkbox of having read and accept the terms and conditions, and press ” Send Project “, this puts the site editor under supervision to approve its final publication, if it is not approved we will notify you by email of the reasons so that they can be corrected.

Registering a social project in dclub is very easy, success requires a good presentation of the cause, an effective marketing strategy and transparent communication with your donors.

Identify your cause and objective: The first thing you should do is identify the social cause you want to support and establish a clear objective for your project. Make sure your project is relevant, viable and has a positive impact.

Establish a budget: Define the budget you need to carry out your project. Be sure to include all expenses necessary to complete your project.

Obtain images and videos, they are essential for identification with the cause of the donor, viralization, and transmitting the life of the project.

Create a Marketing Strategy: Promote your dclub project on social media, email, and other online media to reach a wider audience.

 You should also define a clear and effective communication strategy to keep your sponsors updated on the progress of your project.

Provide regular and transparent updates on the status of your project and how the funds raised are being used.